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Who is danielle lloyd dating 2016

Insiders say that the star will open up about her divorce from her allegedly unfaithful ex-husband Jamie, as well as the abuse she suffered at the hands of an ex-boyfriend and her struggles with being body that Danielle wants to explore how she can "better cope with situations both in the public eye and in her personal life", and hopes to lay old ghosts to rest by participating in the show.

But Maria, in an interview said, Well, the couple had a rough break up.Still, we get to hear some of their comments on each other. Recently, she was seen having a good time with her boys in the park.Danielle Lloyd with her children Source: thesun The 33 years old model was rumored to be interested in high-profile footballers and celebrities.Danielle Lloyd and Spurs footballer Jamie O'Hara first went public with their relationship at the beginning of 2009.They announced their engagement on December 1 2009.Danielle Lloyd married the professional soccer player Jamie O’Hara in 2012 but the relation did not work. She did not want to wait for more to spend the rest of the life with him.

The couple was one of the cutest couples in the town.

You don't want to admit there is anything wrong," Danielle said.

Danielle and Jamie went for couples counselling and their relationship has been back on track ever since.

When she just started her career, she was in a relationship with former footballer Teddy Sheringham.

The couple dated for about a year and then went separate ways.

The couple have two sons together but Danielle has found happiness with new partner Michael O'Neill.