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Male dating dining etiquette

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Often the reason someone might be concerned about your table manners isn’t because your lack of manners bothers them…Instead, they might be worried it bothers .For instance, when you eat dinner with your girlfriend’s parents for the first time, she may not care that you behave like a total buffoon at the table when you’re just around her…BUT…she may worry that her parents will be bothered by your poor dining etiquette, because good manners are a sign of respect.

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When it comes to your silverware, here’s something you should understand: first, if the person who laid the silverware knows what they’re doing, each utensil should relate to the order that the dishes will be presented in.Table manners are particularly important because, let’s face it: There are lots more ways to gross someone out when you’re eating with them…when you’re chomping and slurping and burping and splattering….…versus when you’re just sitting next to them on a train or passing them on the street.Because of that, table manners have always been a good “tell” about someone’s overall refinement, their upbringing, and self-awareness around other people.The only thing you really need to remember is that you start with the utensils closest to you and always work from the Those ones on the top are for dessert—ignore them for the moment…On the left, you’ll have a bunch of forks.On the right, you’ll probably have some knives, maybe some spoons, and maybe, a seafood fork (which looks like a miniature triton).If it’s a very formal dinner, you should also wait until the host or hostess gives the indication to start eating.

But usually, you’re safe to start if everyone’s grub has arrived.

If you’re still confused, this basic rule may help: anything on a flat plate should generally be eaten with a fork, and anything in a bowl should be eaten with a spoon.

I know that seems like “duh,” but you’d be surprised how many people start scooping up beans from a flat plate (talk about embarrassing yourself…man! As much as you might want to just tear into your food when it comes…wait until everyone else is served before starting.

If you make the letter “b” with your left hand and “d” with your right hand, that will remind you that your bread plate is on the left, and your drink is on your right.

When it comes to understanding which glasses are used for what, you shouldn’t really have to worry about it.

Today we’re going to talk about some simple guidelines that will help keep your table manners on-point throughout an entire meal. When you’re just about to sit down at the table, that’s a good time to silence your phone—you don’t want to be THAT GUY whose phone is going off throughout the meal.