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For Reference Not to be taken from this library INDIAN Arlington High School Arlington, Massachusetts SEP 1 6 198|lt EDITOR-IN-CHIEF; Susan B. Tolleson Managing Editor: Joyce Elliott Production Manager: Kenneth Williams Biography Editor; Audrey Kaatz Business Editors: Elaine Koulis, Richard Crea Literary Editor; Lee Lanza Layout Editor: Barbara Kantrowitz Art Editor: Diane Curran Clerical Editor: Sharon Jarvis Typing Adviser: Dr. Di Loreto Credits; Photography: Anthony Cammarata, William Beard, Richard Palomba Copy: Roberta Mahoney Proofreading; Jean Matheson, Patricia Albano Sports; Harold Saul, Constance Cole Faculty Adviser: Mr. Pratt The day shall not be up so soon as 4 to try the fair adventure of tomorrow.

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”, “Pam, Shut-up V' “Look, we’re not gonna get outa here until we get this done! Outside the meetings, the homeroom representatives had just about as much fun goofing-up their homeroom talks. The students not only pre- sent problems affecting their respective trades, but also offer constructive suggestions on matters concerning the whole school. The new appearance of the Chronicle was a success, for the very first issue broke an all-time sales record and happily erased financial worries for the rest of the year. " I : Everything about the 1966-1967 Chronicle seemed experimental: an inexperienced but dedicated staff, a new adviser, and sweeping changes in the format of the paper. “This will be the first time in fourteen years there’s been no November issue” . ” 19 Exciting off-Broadway season for the Dramatic Club First Row; Mr. ’’ 20 Winning the State and New England Drama Festivals . or the soprano that could usually be heard bellowing out Andy Williams’s tunes in the corridors, and then he suddenly lost his voice when he learned he was to lead the singing of the “Star Spangled Banner” at the S. At the usual meeting, such topics as, “When is this ever going to get over!

and the youth that was almost too fat to play Santa at the Christmas party for a much happier needy family ... These diligent executive board members were known to enjoy the Wednesday afternoon meetings along with the homeroom representatives.

” ‘‘What’s so funny about saying, ‘Waterloo wai Napoleon’s Waterloo’ ?

“Whadya mean, 1 didn’t sell enough tickets to get my point?!?

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insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense .

Today is well along towards that tomorrow, and we may see already in the afternoon shadows an earnest of tomorrow's adventures.