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Nobody understands this more than women of color like Filomena Kaguako, a blogger from Ireland who wrote an open letter about racial fetishization after a disturbing experience on Tinder and Plenty of Fish., Kaguako's suitors send her comments like "was wondering if you know any hot brown/black girls," "just want a new experience" (when asked why he's pursuing black women specifically), and "it's not every man who wants to marry and have children with a black woman." Messages like these make her feel like "just a statistic or something to tick off a check list," she told the outlet.


    - Closed Dating - "Closed dating" or "Coded" dating generally refers to a manufacturer's code stamped on the product.Yes, as long as a product is wholesome a retailer may legally sell fresh or processed meat and poultry products beyond the expiration date on the package. These items are often referred to as non-perishable for these reasons.Their shelf life is evaluated in terms of the quality of the product.According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), food can be safe forever from a foodborne-illness standpoint - but if shelf-stable food has been on the shelf for an extended period of time, you might not want to eat it because the quality may not be good.In this case the "best if used by" date on the label of the product is an indication whether or not the quality of the food is good.There is no book which tells how to translate the codes into dates.

[Top of Page] How Long Can Shelf-Stable Foods Be Safely Stored?

Food quality deals with the taste, texture and nutritional value of food.

The FDA does not require and expiration date for shelf-stable foods, since the storage time for these foods is a quality issue, not a food safety concern.

Food safety is not an issue in product kept on the shelf in moderate temperatures (75 degrees Fahrenheit and below).

The acid content of the food and the lining of the can are important factors in a product's quality and appearance after long periods of storage. Once a perishable product is frozen at the proper temperature, it does not matter if the date expires because food kept frozen continuously is safe indefinitely.

Canned food can last for years, because shelf stable foods experience very slow rate of organic changes.