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From the hotel, we went to different places before we finally lodged in another hotel along Ilese Road. The Ogun State indigene said she became worried after she started vomiting, adding that she took a pregnancy test, which was positive.While I was with Adu in a room, my other classmate passed the night with the second lecturer in another room. She said when Adu heard the news, he reluctantly accepted responsibility, but allegedly gave her a drug, Eprostol, to abort the pregnancy.

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She said, “Dr Adu is the Oral Health Coordinator for the college.She said, “I refused to take the drug because the prescription was not from a medical doctor.He came down to my place to persuade me to take the drug, but I still refused. “When he left that day, I could not find my phone again.She said some people intervened and she reported a case of assault to the police at the Ilese division, Ijebu Ode.“I am now in my 38 weeks and anytime soon, I will have my child.She said Adu later called and asked her to bring the instruments to a hotel where he lodged. That was when he ejaculated inside me,” she explained.

“I was preparing to leave when he called me back that I would be sleeping over with him. I observed that the lecturer also had a female student with him. She said the lecturer dropped her off at home and they continued their relationship, until she stopped seeing her menstruation a few weeks later.

Adu was reported to have agreed to pay N5,000 feeding allowance per month, in addition to paying N7,000 for ante-natal registration.

After paying the allowance for two months, Adu reportedly stopped.

After reporting the lecturer to the Permanent Secretary, Ogun State Ministry of Health, where Adu also worked, without any result, Mosunmola said she became desperate and went to the college on April 13 when she knew Adu would be taking a class.

She said while pleading with him for money for her medical expenses, the lecturer assaulted her.

Adu said, “She was one of my students; but on a personal level, I never knew her until after they released her final results and she failed some courses, including mine.