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Dating sites for marriage switzerland

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Considering Switzerland's population is about 7.4 million – with only around five million of "dating" age (over 18) – it seems likely that several users are trying their luck at more than one site, but it can't be denied that online social networking services have moved into the mainstream.The top 20 online dating sites around the world receive around 90 million hits a month and swissflirt, which claims to be Switzerland's largest dating site, has around 90,000 registered female users and twice as many male users.

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Tidy Heidi says she was introduced to swissflirt by one of her friends – "she was writing her thesis as well..." – but it's not just distracted students and agoraphobic insomniacs who skulk around chatrooms."There are people like me just having fun and enjoying good conversations," she says." Tidy Heidi, a Swiss student who got lucky at swissflirt, tells swissinfo."I was doing my thesis but I was bored and didn't want to go into town or meet my friends.Having told myself to stay in front of the computer, I started going into chatrooms – and then I met my boyfriend!Netting the perfect partner Thomas Stephens Apr 14, 2006 - Online dating is booming business – in Switzerland alone just under a million people are logging on in search of fun, friendship "and maybe more".We just clicked "It's like a drug – you almost get addicted!Divorcees will have to hope their ex didn't get to keep the computer.

Despite this growing popularity, it's important to keep your wits and a healthy cynicism about you and to be selective in your websites, otherwise instead of finding Mr Right you could end up with Mr Rightwing Extremist.

"It's different emailing people or talking to them over the phone and then having this real person in front of you."She says after chatting online with her now boyfriend once, they started telephoning and did that for a month or so before arranging to meet. According to the Federal Statistics Office, in 2004 Swiss women were on average 28.6 years old when marrying for the first time, compared with 25.4 years old in 1970.

Men married on average for the first time when they were 30.8 years old.39,500 couples got married in 2004 and 17,900 got divorced.

Some services remain free such as registration, posting ads (including images) and access to answers. A simple answer at swissflirt, for example, costs SFr0.70 ($0.55), whereas a subscription (unlimited answers) is available for SFr4.90 a month with a duration of six months. Should you be interested in any such use of the website content, please contact us via [email protected]

One market research company estimates the European market is growing by 32 per cent a year and will reach a value of SFr550 million by 2009. As regards the use for private purposes, it is only permitted to use a hyperlink to specific content, and to place it on your own website or a website of third parties.

"And there are also people who treat it more like a game – for example there are some men who say they are women." "But I also met men who spoke to me in a sexual way immediately – I didn't appreciate that at all." Healthy cynicism And it is this anonymity and the internet's reputation for attracting the more isolationist members of society that sets off alarm bells – rather than wedding bells – for most people unfamiliar with chatrooms.