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meager) (de) man 2 - a male adult human // husband (de) manager - manager (het) manchet - cuff (de) manchetknopen - cuff links (de) mand - basket [(de)] manen - moons // a horse's long neck hairs // to exhort (de) manier - manner, way of doing mannelijk 2 - male (de) mannen - males, men (de) manoeuvre 2 - maneuver, strategic move manoeuvreren 2 - to maneuver (de) marge 2 - margin (de) markt - market [(de)] Mars - planet Mars // a march Maurits 2 - boys' name me - me personal pronouns (de) medeklinker / (de) medeklinkers - consonant / consonants (de) medemens - a fellow human medisch - medical (het) meel - flour, ground cereal [(het)] meer 2 - a lake // more (de) mees 2 - titmouse (a bird) (de) meeuw - seagull (a bird) mei - May (het) meisje - girl (de) melk 2 - milk personal pronouns (de/het) mens 2 / (de) mensen - man, human / men, people De mense(n) prate(n) plat. - the people talk sloppily (het) merk - brand (het) mes 2 3 / (de) messen 2 - knife / knives met - with met huid en haar 2 - [with skin and hair] completely met man en macht - with everything available, throwing everything at it met man en muis - [(ships sink) with men and mice] completely lost (de) meubels - furniture miauw - meow (what cats say) (de) middag - afternoon (het) middagdutje 2 - afternoon nap (de) mier - ant Mies - girls' name mij - me personal pronouns (de) mijt - a parasitic bug mild - mild [(de)] militair - a soldier // military min of meer - [less or more] more or less minder - less (het) minuet - minuet (a dance) [(de)] mis - not on target // mass (Catholic worship) (de) misère 2 - misery, an unpleasant situation (de) mist - mist, fog (het) model - model (de) moeder - mother moeilijk - difficult (de) moeite 2 - effort, difficulty, trouble (de) moes - mush (something pureed or mashed) mogelijk 2 - possible (de) mol 2 3 - mole, mol (animal, music, chemistry) (het) molecuul - molecule (de) molen - mill, windmill (de) mond - mouth monddood - silenced, without a voice mondig - having a say (in) mooi mooie - pretty, beautiful mooi / mooier / mooist - pretty / prettier / prettiest Moos - boys' name [(de)] morgen 2 - morning // good morning!

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But in July, a court ruling awarded a gay man compensation from a public hospital that forced him to undergo such treatment—the first victory of its kind in China. The family converted to Christianity six years ago, after Lin’s father, who now lives on dialysis, was diagnosed with kidney failure due to diabetes.